The Challenge

A client that I worked for in the past 5 years. They were having many challenges, including increasing leads and revenue.

The Solution

A lot was done, but long story short, redesign and built their website twice and redesigned the UX/UI of the app and all the iconography. Everything with usability standards and user testing sessions. Automated workflows for prospects in Hubspot. Set the blog up and the content team to be able to reach a higher engagement, reaching impressive outcomes of website visits and client conversions.

“He will absolutely not disappoint you - he is one of the most dedicated professionals I have ever worked with.”

Jeff Wessinger, President. SKURA Corporation

“Exciting day at SKURA - the NEW website is up and running!”

Kent Potts, EVP Marketing. SKURA Corporation

“Luis is one of the best employees that I have ever had since first starting my company in 1996. He is a dedicated individual who will sacrifice anything to hit deadlines and never complains. Even in some of the most difficult situations, Luis has managed to stay positive and always make things better. He will always be welcome at any company I am”

Chris Skura, CEO. SKURA Corporation

The Outcomes

  • Increased website visits by 512% from 485/ month to 6043/month
  • • Prospect leads increased by 83.5%
  • Total of visibility on mobile devices
  • Featured blogs and articles in many world recognized Pharma and B2B websites
  • • Increased from 6 keywords in the top 10 of Google, to 21 in the top 3, and 55 in top 10
  • Company was bought by Indegene Lifesystems by $9M USD

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