The Challenge

Generate a custom online presence for a small home based catering entrepreneur in a budget. She was looking to generate revenue with her cooking skills.

The Solution

Design and build the corporate imagery and website for the client, as well as building a responsive website that served as a showcase of her business, with an emphasis on her cooking delights.

The Process

It consisted in a bi-weekly revision process, in which in less than a month, she was ready with Logo, Business Cards, and a responsive website.

“The design is wonderful and I love the colours.”

Nicole Hagel – Owner

“Hi Luis. Looks awesome, Nicole had some minor comments, please see below, but she is extremely happy with the work you have done. And thank you for the cost consideration ... truly appreciated”

“That is 4 thumbs up Luis. I think they look terrific and she loves them. Can't wait to see the website”

“I like how they are coming along. You truly are talented”

Javier Matienzo - Owner

The Outcomes

  • Increased customer engagement by 380%
  • Increased sales by 28%
  • Total visibility on mobile devices
  • WOW, she cooks delicious

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