The Challenge

Mazda customer satisfaction in Canada was at the very bottom of the chain, on number 14th out of 15. Just before Fiat. They didn’t have a standard process in the different dealerships, the Test Drive experience was undesirable by prospects, as well as the technology of the cars difficult to understand. There was also no data to read of what is a good sales performer doing or showing versus bad one.

The Solution

Design and build a responsive mobile app to empower sales reps, making a seamless integration with all the dealerships.

The app educates the customer to make a sound decision, showing off the features of the cars, and why they are better. With the ability of sharing content like PDF’s, videos, and collateral to provide the customer with what they are interested in, saving budget on printing material, as well as being able to track analytics of every interaction.

The Process

It consisted in an agile UX prototyping on bi-weekly iterations.

Sales reps and customers were tested and inquired with questionnaires, surveys, on-site testing, cognitive walkthroughs, and focus groups. In order to provide the best usability on the app, focused 100% in the user.

Once the prototype was finalized, I generated the User Interfaces, then the system was built.

"Absolutely love it! Great work Luis. Thanks for confirming that there is no black border in the final design. It looks perfect…let’s roll!!"

Annie Colman,
National Manager. Mazda, Canada

The Outcomes

Once the app was launched and after a few months, there were visible positive outcomes:

  • From 14th place to 8th place in customer satisfaction surveys
  • 40% reduction in sales rep training, as well as reduction in printing material
  • Total insights of what sales reps are doing with analytics, to adequate strategies
  • Seamless integration in any Mazda dealership
  • Increased customer engagement in Mazda dealerships by 65%
  • • Drove the whole Mazda car-lineup!
  • • Had sushi with executives from Mazda Japan

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