The Challenge

Increase revenue and client memberships through online effort and automation. Outdated website, not visible in mobile, slow, and an unengaging design.

The Solution

Design and build a new responsive website with automation to online services like MindBody and MyZone to check schedule and enroll on classes. Showing off the NHL and OHL stars that train in the facilty, with videos and testimonials.

The Process

It consisted in a bi-weekly revision process, in which in less than a month, she was ready with Logo, Business Cards, and a responsive website.

“We are in debt with Luis and all the work he did for my business. He is faster and better in the computer than when he trains in the facility, but that is OK.”

Richard Clark – Owner

The Outcomes

  • Increased website visits by 230%
  • Total of visibility on mobile devices, making the client able to check schedules of classes on the go
  • Increased adult and athlete substriptions by 37%
  • Joined the training center myself as I loved it
  • I met Domenic Monardo, super cool guy, and other elite athletes!

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